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The 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be the 89th edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The game will be hosted by the Washington Nationals and played at Nationals Park. It will be televised nationally on Fox.

The Needham event will be Sunday, April 29th.

Needham PHR online registration will be closed as of 6 pm Saturday, April 28th
Registration will be available in person at the event 11 am on Sunday, April 29th

Welcome to the 2018 Major League Baseball © Pitch Hit and Run registration page for Needham, Massachusetts hosted by Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, Needham Baseball and Softball and The Village Club, Needham. Join the 13th Annual Needham Regional Major League Baseball® Pitch Hit and Run competition Sunday, April 30th beginning at 11 AM at DeFazio Field on Dedham Street.

A registration form must be filled out for EACH participant and if the participant is not registered with a NEEDHAM baseball/softball team, they MUST bring a copy of their birth certificate with them to advance to the sectional level. Email with any questions.

Pictured: Steven Spitz, Smileboston/Jim Rice, Boston Red Sox 2009 HOF/Rick Tacelli, President Needham Baseball and Softball


Major League Baseball © PITCH, HIT & RUNtm provides youngsters across the country an opportunity to participate in an exciting baseball/softball skills competition. This national initiative gives boys and girls, ages 7 - 14, the chance to showcase their pitching, hitting and running abilities. Boys and girls compete separately in all levels of competition.

Major League Baseball © PITCH, HIT & RUNtm is intended to encourage youth participation and emphasize the "FUN" element of baseball/softball. Since there is NO registration fee, everyone has the opportunity to participate. Major League Baseball® PITCH, HIT & RUN™ tests three of the most fundamental aspects of baseball/softball - pitching, hitting, and running.

Participant is tested throwing strikes to a designated "Strike Zone" target.
Participant hits a ball off a stationary tee for distance and accuracy.
Participant is timed, starting from home plate, touching first base then touching second base OR starting from second base, touching third base then touching home plate.

All of the events are individually scored and converted to a total point score through the use of conversion tables. Participants will compete in each of the three components of PITCH, HIT & RUNtm, and accumulate a total score based on his/her performance.


Major League Baseball® PITCH, HIT & RUNtm is a national grassroots program that has four levels of competition - Local, Sectional, Team Championship and National Finals.

The first level is of a LOCAL scope. Everyone must participate in a local competition in order to advance to the higher levels. Champions at the local level advance to SECTIONAL Competitions. At this level, the Sectional All-Around Champions become eligible to advance to the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, which are held during June in all 30 Major League Baseball © markets. The culmination occurs at the NATIONAL FINALS, held in Nationals Park, Washington, D.C. at the 2018 MLB™ All-Star Game® on July 17.


Each youngster MUST first participate at a local competition. The 1st Place All-Around, Pitching, Hitting and Running Champions in each age and gender group advance to the Sectional competition.

At the Sectional competition, the youngster must be a 1st Place All-Around Champion in his/her age/gender group in order to become eligible to advance to the Team Championship. The Sectional All-Around Champions' scores are compared with the other Sectional Champions' scores in that respective MLB™ team market. The Top 3 participants in each age and gender group advance to the Team Championship. The Sectional Champion does NOT automatically advance to the Team Championship.

After the Team Championships, the All-Around Champions in each age and gender group are ranked nationally by total score. The champions' scores from all 30 team markets are compared and the top scorers in each age and gender group nationwide advance to the National Finals.


All participants must provide a copy of a valid birth certificate for age verification at all levels of competition. Each youngster may participate in only one local competition. Competing in more than one local will result in disqualification of that individual. No metal spikes are allowed during any portion of the competition. Use of metal spikes will result in the minimum score. In the event of a tie for the All-Around Champion, the youngster winning more individual events (Pitching, Hitting or Running), among those involved with the tie, will be named the All-Around Champion. If a tie still exists, the youngster with the higher Hitting score among those involved with the tie, will be named the All-Around Champion. If a tie still exists, the Running scores of those involved with the tie will be used to determine the All-Around Champion. There is no tiebreaker in the individual skill events. In the event of threatening weather conditions, cancellations and rescheduling will be determined by the hosting organization at the competition site. Major League Baseball © PITCH, HIT & RUNtm endorses proper conduct and good sportsmanship. Major League Baseball®, LEJ Sports Group and state coordinators and organizers of the Major League Baseball © PITCH, HIT & RUNtm competition reserve the right to make rulings and recommendations regarding the competition events determined to be in the best interest of the program. All rulings and recommendations are final. Participation in the Major League Baseball © PITCH, HIT & RUNtmcompetition authorizes Major League Baseball © and LEJ Sports Group to use participant's name, likeness and other personality rights for promotional use without compensation.